Who are our members?

Our members are exceptional people for whom regular dating sites do not work.

They are intelligent, very skilled, ambitious, have positions with substantial responsibility and work hard to accumulate a happy life. This is why they became successful in their professional life.


The one personal goal they did not reach yet is finding that one special person to share their lives with. That’s why they joined Courtlounge.

They were not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and make the investment in themselves, especially because they are all serious about getting results.

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Who are our members?

Let us introduce you to some of the characteristics that are common amongst our members.

Our members have no time to spend hours on dating sites.

They love discipline. They are not 9 to 5 people in their mind. They are structured. Planning to improve their quality of life is everything to them. They are smart and love to know every single detail. They are born leaders. They find it amazing to solve problems. Actions speak louder than words according to them



You’re a stickler for the rules and like things done a certain way.


Financial Director

It’s all in the numbers, you only need one special person.


Sales Manager

Selling a product is where you’re good at, now let’s sell your personality.



You took an oath to help others, let us help you for a change.



Designing buildings is your forte, finding you a match is ours.


IT Manager , CIO

Structure is what you like, our approach is nothing but organized.


General Operations Manager

You are a vital part of your business, but how about the most important person in your life?